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Small Business Special


Are you a small business, organisation or sole trader that needs an honestly priced way to be seen online and present a professional image? Here at Cloud Artisans we specialise in bespoke web application builds - that's websites that do things for the user and/or organisation like member management or information searching. Websites like or However sometimes you just need to get started. And we've helped many clients like this get online to varying degrees of involvement and support with set-up, maintenance, hosting, emails and domains. Simple sites like, and

We can help you too, with a new special package that includes everything you need to get started, without paying for a full set-up upfront.

For just £25+VAT per month* you get:

*Please note that this is on an annually renewing contract, with a 12 month minimum term.

We're also flexible

We can build on the above package to suit your needs - we can quote for one-off extras for more features on your website, and can provide extra email accounts for £4.60+VAT per month each.

And if you want a professional touch with a virtual phone system - a fully featured landline that can work on a mobile app or existing desk/home phone then we can help too from just £10+VAT a month

We can also offer a full logo & brand design service including creating adverts for your business.

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0330 2292525